It’s called Misled. From the mind of FISM Award-Winning inventor, Timothy Wenk.
Exactly as performed by David Copperfield on his live tour, and on his international TV special.

Classic. Organic. Iconic.

The original, legendary pencil-through-bill penetration is finally available again. Misled is a complete 2-phase routine. To see it is to need it.


Phase 1: Their bill is stabbed and torn.
They see it happen, and they hear it happen! RRRrrip!!!
Then you magically restore their bill. Good as new.

Phase 2: Famous SLOW MOTION melt-through.
Truly powerful. Looks like trick photography.
Often met with stunned silence.

Misled is amazingly strong because...
Everything can be examined before and after the routine.
The bill is borrowed, and ungaffed. The pencil can also be
examined before and after the routine, under a microscope, 
if need be! It is just an ordinary pencil and it is NOT GAFFED. The pencil and bill never leave the audience’s sight, from beginning to end. POSITIVELY NO SWITCHING AT ALL.
Same bill. Same pencil. You can even give the pencil away!


“Misled is a new classic.”  -- MAGIC Magazine

© 2018 Timothy Wenk. All rights reserved.

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Hundreds of Magicians worldwide have used Misled 

as their “secret weapon” for decades. 

Misled will “kill” for you too! 


Misled can be a REPUTATION MAKER for you.

Full-time Pros,
like Phil Dalton
know the value

of Misled!

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